Blindsquare uses Foursquare to help blind people in urban areas

11 Jun

Smartphones offer new perspectives in the field of disability, particularly in terms of mobility. The application BlindSquare goes even further by integrating data from Foursquare.

With more than 20 million users worldwide, Foursquare lists an impressive number of places, whether restaurants, bars, shops, parks … The application BlindSquare now allows blind people to consult this address list thanks to the VoiceOver technology and  to iPhone GPS to find out “What is the most popular coffee in a radius of 400 feet? Where is the post office?” etc..
BlindSquare includes different categories like nightlife, shopping, or art. Addresses, nearby places, notices, street names or orientation are stated aloud. The user simply shake the phone to find popular sites listed around him. It also has the ability to mark and share information about these places with his friends.

For now, the application is only available in English, Finnish and Swedish and costs $14.99 on the Apple Store. To ensure that its use is entirely appropriate for the visually impaired, BlindSquare was tested in the United States, Finland and Australia by the blind.

We are delighted to discover this new service and we hope that this application will soon be broken down into French!

And you, do you think smartphones can improve the lives of blind people?


Zombies spotted on Foursquare!

6 Jun

Foursquare integration appeared about one year and a half ago, and some of them focus on our deepest fears. One of them is the 2012 zombie apocalypse, which raised even more awareness some days ago after the Miami case. The following days, we observed people faking zombie behaviors, chasing people in the streets. This prank is about to become a classic but some people seemed to believe it was real as the government had to announce that there was actually no zombie apocalypse!

But how is Foursquare involved in zombie apocalypse? Well thanks to its GPS location system, games around MMORPG format appeared, like Mob Zombies, Please Stay Calm or Zombie Hood.

They suggest a very fun aspect of Foursquare concept:

  • The user scavenges locations (by checking in on Foursquare) for supplies, cash and medicines
  • There is the constant danger of being attacked by zombies and the gamer has to fight them back
  • One location that you pick will become your safehouse
  • In Please Stay Calm, friends can check in at the safehouse to strengthen it
  • It’s possible to fight back or duel with other users that checked in at the same venue
  • The user has objectives and tasks. Experience points and rewards are earned by leveling up

Mob Zombie is different in the way zombie hordes chase the user when he checks in at a venue. The hordes are actually generated by human activity and surrounding structures.

And you, what about YOUR zombie apocalypse ?

Apps available at:

Starbucks donate $1 to fight against AIDS for every Foursquare check-in !

5 Jun

The Coffee Giant imagines a beautiful operation to fight against AIDS.
1 check-in = $1
So don’t wait and grab your smartphone!

From June 1st to June 10th, the Red Rush to Zero operation is launched.

What is it?

This process, commonly called “Social Goods”, has for main purpose to collect the maximum of funds to fight against HIV. Several brands are taking part in this campaign:

This giant partnership will enable to finance the prevention campaigns conducted by Red.

The concept is very simple: you go to your favorite Starbuck and check-in via Foursquare, subsequently $1 will automatically be donated to Red Association.
During 10 days, Starbucks will post a counter on the “Red Rush to Zero” website, showing the gains results in real-time. The goal would be to reach $250,000!

Anyway this is such a beautiful marketing operation which strengthens customers’ sympathy for these brands and increases the traffic to their points of sale.

So let’s enjoy a good coffee while doing a good deed!

Foursquare: the new recommendation engine

4 Jun

Foursquare will undergo its revolution this week. The famous “check-in” service will indeed offer a major overhaul of its mobile application, which will focus on discovering new places rather than the user registration in specific locations. This feature, which made the fortune of Foursquare with its famous badge system and “Mayorship” is increasingly neglected even if the service recognizes 2 billion check-ins and over 20 million users since its launch in 2009.

foursquare map

Foursquare will evolve to a recommendation engine, with a layer of networking. A function of passive localization to notice you of interesting places will be integrated, while a history will allow you to find your previous discoveries; Foursquare will also compete with Yelp with a recommendation system for restaurants. Everything will take place through a detailed map where you will see the hottest points of interest, while viewing the affiliated businesses. Foursquare 2.0 will appear this week in all the apps stores.

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2 Jun

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